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Our customers depend on us for bindery finishing services that they can’t do themselves, have conflicting due dates, or are too big to be done in house – the jobs that need more human interaction, creativity and care. We’re a two-generation, family-run operation focused on personal service, attention to detail, and maintaining an experienced staff. It’s what keeps our customers coming back when they really need something done right.

You can also count on us to save you money, and we’re very good at that too. Maximizing layouts for print isn’t something that you learn in design school or inherently know without hands-on experience working to get the most value on every job… day after day… year after year. Challenge us to work with you to save on paper costs, setup and run time, and cutting. We thrive on that. It’s important to us to be efficient for obvious reasons, but it also helps build strong relationships with printers who appreciate that kind of partnership with their bindery.

In this business you need answers from us quickly. Often it’s a timely response that wins the job and a slow response that loses it. Expect same-day quotes, typically within a few hours. Whatever the project - the harder the better - we guarantee friendly service, utmost professionalism and beautifully finished pieces on time, every time.

Why Use Us

Comprehensive Bindery & Finishing Services

Often times you can do straightforward jobs yourself and we know that. But it’s also true that we add value when the job is done here. Here’s why:

We staff full-time skilled employees instead of relying on a temporary workforce that grows and contracts based on the workload. This raises the quality of the work that we produce for two reasons – our employees are experienced in this field and with our equipment, and they take responsibility for the work they produce because they are vested in this company.

Also, we get the difficult jobs that printers can’t do themselves all the time, and for that reason we have pushed the boundaries and have mastered the use of every piece of equipment here. Every day we find ways to modify our machines to tackle an out-of-the-norm project. We have become experts at running and maintaining our gear so it runs perfectly. Therefore, so do your projects.

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Our Management

Like every business, it’s the people who are responsible for our success. We’re a family-run business where the President actively monitors the production floor every day. You can always speak to someone who knows the status of your work, and you’ll find that we take pride in all of the work we do here. Actually, the biggest criticism we get is that we are perfectionists…and we’re guilty.

Think of us like a second set of eyes before the work gets to the client or end-user. At times, we’ve raised flags for anything from a typo, to a pagination mistake, to an imperfection in the printing process before it gets here that we just feel safer if we question. We’re confident that you won’t find another bindery who cares more that your finished piece looks great, whether it relates to the work we've done on it or not.

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Find Or Visit Our Facility

We’re located just off of the Everett Turnpike in a 21000 SF single-story present-day building. You’ll find a traditional loading dock and a drive in area that is easily accessible for quick pick-ups and drop offs, even in bad weather.

A facility-wide vacuum system and a state-of-the-art climate control system are continually operating to protect your important work. These eliminate waste products automatically during production, prevent unwanted debris from mixing into your completed jobs and maintain the integrity of your work while stored here.

Our production facility regularly operates 12 hours a day and runs 24/7 when needed.

Our Facility
We are located at: 120 NortheasternBoulevard, Nashua, NH 03062


Kolbus 20 pocket inline Perfect Binder
+ 3 drop-in stations with inline 3 knife
trimmer & stacker

  • Spine thickness: 1/8” to 1 7/8”
  • Trim sizes: 4” x 5” minimum to 12” x 15” maximum

To learn more about the
Perfect Binding process, visit:

Die Cutting, Scoring,
& Perforating

  • Johannisberg 29” x 41”
  • Mergenthaler 21” x 31”
  • Heidelberg 21” x 28”
  • Heidelberg 15 1/4” x 20 1/2”

We have a variety of letterpress equipment that can die cut, score, and perforate to create anything from door hangers to pop-ups. We welcome you to utilize these templates of pre-existing, most commonly used dies.

To learn more about these
bindery processes, visit:


  • Stahl ST90
  • 2 McCain Saddlewire
  • Up to 8 pockets with cover attachments and Loop Stitching capabilities
  • Inline 3 knife trimmer
  • Inline 5 knife trimmer for 2up
    mini-books dead cut or piece out
  • Books up to 12” x 13.5” & tabloids
    up to 12” x 18”
  • Hard folding and soft folding inline

To learn more about the
Saddle Stitching process, visit:


  • 3 Automatic Pocket Folder Gluing Machines
  • 4 Page, 6 page and even custom designs can often be done on the machine
  • CD holders and sleeves
  • Standard, oversize or slim jim style
  • Contact us for a standard PF price chart from 500 - 10,000

We welcome you to utilize these templates of pre-existing, most commonly used dies.

& Spiral Binding

  • Automatic Punch – Our automatic punch can go from 4 3/4” to 18” spine. If you have a spine smaller than 4 3/4”, we can provide a special 2-up layout for the punching process. The maximum face trim is 13”.
  • Double-Loop Wire-O Binding – The spine can be from 3” to 18” with a minimum face trim of 5”. Keep in mind, smaller than 4 3/4” spine requires a special layout.
  • Plastic Coil / Spiral Binding – The minimum face trim is 4 1/2". For spine size, we stock 12” coils but we can do as small as you like, up to 18” custom length coils.

Always remember to check with us about layouts before printing.

To learn more about these binding processes, visit:


  • Two 14” x 25”
  • Two 20” x 26”
  • One 26” x 40”
  • Three 30” x 50”
  • Double Gate Folding
  • Pharmaceutical and Mini Folding
  • Barrel Folding, Accordion Folding, Map Folding

We can glue bind 8pp, 12pp, and 16pp brochures from a single form. We have fugitive glue for mailers, we can fold envelopes twice, and even do folding for your variable data, keep it in order, and pack it in mail trays. We also do knife folding to minimize gusseting on posters. We have additional folding capabilities - way too many to list - and are very creative and will do a test if we aren't sure. We love a folding challenge.

To learn more about these bindery processes, visit:

Fulfillment & Handwork

We're known for doing a lot of handwork from applying items on covers with fugitive glue to collating pieces that won't go through machinery. Our experienced crew will get the best productivity out of what may seem like the most time-consuming or tedious projects, even when they have to be done by hand.

Ask us about your fulfillment project. We are very creative, stretch the standard limits on machinery every day, and make the difficult look easy.


Glue Bind and Fugitive Glue is done inline
on the folding machines. We can also glue custom projects.

Remoistenable Glue – NEW unit attaches to folder so we can do this inline – to save time and money.

Laminating and More...

  • AutoBond Laminator with
    Perfector and Stacker -
    Max sheet: 30x40, Min sheet: 10x13
  • 54”, 45”, and 42” Cutters
  • Drilling - up to 10 holes in a single pass
  • Automatic Wafer Sealing – up to
    3 wafer seals in a single pass with bump and turn unit
  • Shrink Wrapping – standard and low energy film available
  • Round Cornering Machine

Frank C. Frisoni,

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Joseph F. Frisoni, Jr.,
Vice President

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Cheryl Newell,
Operations Manager

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PH: (603) 886-3889  FAX: (603) 595-4387

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Glue Bind    Remoistenable Glue    Fugitive Glue
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